Campaign for clean air and healthier public spaces

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Passionate about clean air and healthier public spaces for physical activity in your city? UrbanBetter is looking for Run Leaders to support its Cityzens for Clean Air campaign!

What’s the Cityzens for Clean Air Campaign about?

  • The Cityzens for Clean Air campaign aims to amplify youth voices with advocacy on air pollution, climate and health using citizen scientist data generated by young people.
  • In November, while COP27 is happening in Egypt, we’ll be mobilising young people in Africa to run (!) advocacy campaigns to highlight the importance of clean air and safe public spaces for physical activity.
  • The advocacy messages will be co-designed with Run Leaders recruited in Cape Town, Accra and Lagos in the run-up (!) to COP27.
  • We’ll be kicking this off in Cape Town in July, Accra in August and Lagos in September.

How can you participate?

  • You can either participate as a Run Leader or a Run participant.


Click below to apply to be a Run Leader in:

  • Cape Town: closed, but you can still join as a runner on the 13 August (see details below) 
  • Accra: closed, but you can still join as a runner on the 13 August (see details below) 
  • Lagos: apply by 15 Aug  (run on 17 Sept)


To participate as a Run participant:

Runner signups are now open to anyone! Check out how to sign up for upcoming runs in:


Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and look out for details on where and when the runs are happening near you.


Find out more about the UrbanBetter Cityzens mission..

..& Join us to make the UrbanBetter, one breath and one run at a time…

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