Designing for health | Photo by Reuben Hayfron on Unsplash
Photo by Reuben Hayfron on Unsplash

Designing for health:
with Monocle’s The Urbanist podcast

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of urban environments for health. 

It’s surely irrational to ask people to be more physically active if walking or cycling is dangerous. So how can the barriers to healthy behaviours in the environment be taken down? 

How can the healthy choice be the easy choice in cities?

With calls to build back better, as cities begin to plan for the future, in Monocle’s The Urbanist podcast, UrbanBetter’s Tolullah Oni spoke to host Andrew Tuck in September 2020 about the interactions between urban planning and design and health exposed by the pandemic, and the opportunity to re-think urban design for health. The podcast explores how urban environments like the food and built environments impact health, the lived experiences in many cities that constrain healthy choices and what urban designers can and should be doing to proactively create health equitably.

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Designing for health

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