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For Thought Summit On Building A Resilient, Innovative And Prosperous Future For All


“Put future generations at the heart of our institutional and systems decision-making”. 

That’s the top recommendation that emerged from the For Thought summit, organised by the British Science Association and partners. 

The summit convened diverse leaders from business, policy, science and civil society, including UrbanBetter’s Tolullah Oni for a series of roundtables and events, panellists to discuss the critical scientific and social challenges facing the world in the 21st century and how to build a resilient, innovative and prosperous future for all.

These discussions, held during February and March 2021, took the COVID-19 pandemic as a starting point to explore how science, research, innovation and technology could be used to deliver a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future for people and the planet.

Read the For Thought Summit Report here.

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