Pairing Academia and Policy for Transdisciplinary Research in Africa – Inaugural webinar of the ISUH Africa Community of Practice

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The inaugural webinar of the Africa Community of Practice of the International Society for Urban Health (ISUH) – “Pairing academia and policy for transdisciplinary research in Africa” – was held on the 2nd December 2021. The event brought together over 30 scholars, government and non-government policy actors, representing 18 countries across the African continent to kick start a platform to advance urban health and promote health equity in the region.

Dr. Carlos Dora, the President of the International Society for Urban Health, presented the findings of the Global Mapping of Urban Health Research and Stakeholders Project commissioned by the World Health Organization (see resources below). In addition, two community members shared their experiences of transdisciplinary collaboration. Dr Amy Weimann was in conversation with Ms Noxolo Kabane about a research collaboration between the University of Cape Town and the Western Cape Government Department of Human Settlements on a project that explored the integration of health into human settlements policy in Cape Town, South Africa. They discussed findings from the research, facilitators and challenges experienced conducting this type of research, and lessons learned for future collaborative projects.

In break out groups, participants discussed key urban health priorities for the coming year, how different sectors can more effectively work together, and innovative initiatives in the urban health space.

The webinar closed with a short post-event survey with community members sharing ideas for topic areas to advance the community of practice and potential speakers and themes for future events.

This event is part of the quarterly virtual webinar series of the ISUH Africa Community of Practice, bringing together urban health practitioners, researchers and policy actors to exchange knowledge and share promising practices to make the urban better in Africa.

Resources shared or developed at the webinar below:

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