Tolullah Oni, the Principal of Oni et al and Founder of UrbanBetter

Tolullah Oni

Public Health Physician and Urban Epidemiologist, The Principal of Oni et al. and founder of UrbanBetter.

Born in Lagos, she completed her medical training at University College London, a Masters degree in Public Health at the University of Cape Town and a doctorate in Epidemiology at Imperial College London, UK.

Tolullah Oni, a Public Health Physician and urban epidemiologist is the Principal of Oni et al. and founder of UrbanBetter. She is an Honorary Associate Professor and lead of the Research Initiative for Cities Health and Equity (RICHE) group at the University of Cape Town and a Clinical Senior Research Associate / Joint Lead of the Global Health Research Group at the University of Cambridge MRC Epidemiology Unit.

Born in Lagos, she completed her medical training at University College London, a Masters degree in Public Health at the University of Cape Town and a doctorate in Epidemiology from Imperial College London, UK.

Profiled in the Lancet journal, Science magazine, and the British Medical Journal, she is a Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences, past co-chair of the Global Young Academy and the South African Young Academy of Science, 2015 Next Einstein Forum Fellow, 2019 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and a 2020 Next Generation Foresight Practitioner Fellow.

Her global practice is grounded in a science-informed, Africa-led, health foresight approach to generating new knowledge that supports partnership between science, policy and societal role players. She is passionate about identifying creative strategies to address complex urban population health challenges in rapidly growing cities globally.

Research Analyst

Sharleen Muoki

Data Scientist.

Sharleen, from Nairobi, Kenya, has a background in Information Technology. She has an Undergraduate Degree in Business Information Technology, with a specialization in Business Intelligence from Strathmore University, Kenya.

She is a creative Data Scientist and a dynamic programmer who utilizes creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create value. In addition to expertise in various data science software including python and Tableau, she is an effective communicator with the ability to create valuable marketing materials  for both clients and end-users. 

As a citizen of Kenya, issues of Urban Health, Environment and Biodiversity in an ever progressing and interconnected global (social and political) climate have been at the core of her interest for the past three years. Having developed a sharp interest in such issues as soon as she was introduced to them, she has explored these topics in great depth and consequently. Her passion lies in changing the current world as we know to make it sustainable for the future generations to come. This is to achieve a state of planetary health utopia with humans as part of a synergetic ecosystem.

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Spotlight Disruptor

Ellyanne Chlystun-Githae Wanjiku

Ellyanne started tree planting in 2015, aged 4, after completing a Kindergarten project on heroes.

The heroes she studied included Wangari Maathai, founder of the Green Belt movement and the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace prize. She was struck by the importance of Professor Maathai’s tree planting efforts. Upset by the widespread cutting of trees causing environmental degradation in Kenya, Ellyanne set about planting trees. 321 initially and reached her target of 1000 trees a few months later. Six years later, having launched the Children with Nature – an organisation led by youth and children to support and promote tree planting – she is now at 1.3 million trees in schools, government forests and several riparian river banks. Her new target is to plant 1 million trees in the Sahel Desert, North of Africa.

Ellyanne’s passion and zeal has not gone unnoticed. She was invited by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Nairobi  for the 2017 World Environment Day celebrations, themed Connecting with Nature.  

Kenyan Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko recently appointed Ellyanne as Co-Chair of the Task Force for Michuki Park, an Urban Green Space in Nairobi. She is charged with helping to regenerate the green space and provide a suitable play area with learning activities for children and youth.