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For Thought Summit On Building A Resilient, Innovative And Prosperous Future For All

“Put future generations at the heart of our institutional and systems decision-making”.  That’s the top recommendation that emerged from the For Thought summit, organised by the British Science Association and partners.  The summit convened diverse leaders from business, policy, science and civil society, including UrbanBetter’s

Combating Systemic Discrimination In Science

The Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 – related to the death of George Floyd – in the United States of America have shone a light on systemic racism globally. The events have brought into questions matters of discrimination in all facets of life, including

Health Emergency of Climate Change

The first episode of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Health Emergency of Climate Change series, recorded in March 2021, focused on positioning health and well-being at the centre of the climate change discussion.  The Health Emergency of Climate Change series brought together leading healthcare experts

Health-proofing Our Future; Future-proofing Our Planet

How do we integrate health in today’s urban settings? What does re-thinking health involve? At the Commonwealth Science Conference 2021, UrbanBetter’s Dr Tolullah Oni spoke about health-proofing our future and our planet. In the talk, urbanisation and health today is highlighted giving context for why

U.S. Congressional Briefing on Science Diplomacy

What are some of the critical lessons that policymakers can draw from how public health education can mitigate distrust in science? How might science diplomacy efforts operate at different scales of government to foster global cooperation? These were some of the questions discussed at a

Sustainability for Whom?

Global sustainability cannot be realised without achieving sustainability for the most vulnerable and underrepresented communities. These are the low-income and middle-income countries, as well as those increasingly left behind in high-income countries. Yet the framing of sustainability, investment in innovation, and academic analysis has been

health foresight

Sustainable Design Webinar

The second webinar in the AfriSam-SAIA’s series on Sustainable Design, which took place in August 2020, featured UrbanBetter founder Dr. Tolullah Oni in conversation with Dr. Philippa Tumubweinee, Head of School at Architecture Planning & Geomatics, University of Cape Town. The theme of the webinar,


WHO planetary health webinar

This first and very engaging webinar in a series hosted by the Global Health Governance: Building the Reset campaign, highlighted the importance of work on planetary health as the next frontier and integrated governance vision for the future. Around a hundred people participated in this dynamic online encounter, exploring the transformative potential of planetary health as a new compass for renovating health governance.

Future Earth

Earth day future earth talk

This year marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22, to demonstrate support for environmental protection and represents a day of action to shift human behaviour and provoke policy changes. The very first celebration took place

Architects are Health Professionals Too

As part of the 2018 Conscious cities festival held at the Royal Institute of British Architects, Professor Tolu Oni explored how architecture and urban design can better respond to human needs. In this talk, she asks us to reimagine the role of the architect to

Navigating the social determinants of health in urban settings

Can blockchain technology solve the challenges of lack of integrated data and accountability mechanisms to improve public health in urban settings? Prof. Tolu Oni explains the underlying concepts behind this approach and the challenges in applying it.

UN High-Level Political Forum

This video clip is from the full-length video (see link below) of Session 16: Science-policy interface and emerging issues, which took place on Friday, 14 July at the UN High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York. GYA Co-Chair Tolu Oni (Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine,

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